Why Having A Trained First Aider In Your Business Is Important


Business is a very complicated and delicate industry. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of factors could affect the company. These factors could either boost or ruin the company. As such, it is only critical for the management to thoroughly consider every area in the business. Human resources are important in every business. From the highest thinking body like managers and supervisors down to the ones doing the manual labor like workers and staff, they are the main force of the company.

In return, the company must take responsibility and care for the welfare of their human personnel. There are many precautions which companies implement in order to provide the best health assistance for the employees. The major policies and steps taken by the company to meet the needs of their employees regarding their health are establishing a company clinic with a doctor and nurse to tend to the employees as well as making sure employees have insurance packages including hospitalization and other health benefits.

Aside from the above steps taken by the company, they also have a trained first aider that is Pragmatic Compliance checked in a payroll. Oftentimes, companies would held seminars to train their employees regarding first aid. Here are several reasons why having a trained first aider in your business is important.

  1. Immediate response to accidents – Accidents happen when you expect it the most. Employees travel to and from the company every day. When accidents occur within the company, hospital ambulance will take time to arrive at the scene. A trained first aider can provide immediate assistance to those involved in the accident to ensure their survival while waiting for proper medical help.
  2. Immediate response to calamity victims – During a natural calamity, there might be employees caught on falling debris which require help. Rescuers will not arrive right away during the calamity. Some will even take a couple of days depending on the nature of the disaster which prevents rescuer to come to the scene.
  3. Save money – Accidents within the company will require the company to provide financial support to the victims during hospitalization and rehabilitation or in case of death. By having a trained first aider in your business, such cases can be prevented thus saving a lot of money.
  4. Reputation & Image – The presence or absence of casualties in the event of disasters and accidents can be the difference between attracting applicants or having a bad and hazardous image which repels clients and applicants.

So if your company does not have a trained first aider, better have one as soon as possible to avoid any complications and extra expenses during accidents or calamities.