Work Team Building

I am an assistant manager of a telephone marketing team based in Southend. My manager had recently put a new team together and after a month of all of us getting to know each other we had all agreed that it was time that we got together outside of work and go on a team building trip. We tried to decide for a little bit who was going and where we could go if there was a big group of us. The team didn’t want to dress up, go to a pub, have a couple of drinks then to a club or anything civilised. They wanted something more hands on which for is something I’m always happy to hear.

After a few weeks of people coming up with suggestions of where and when they’d like to go, someone had suggested that we take bubble football into consideration. After putting ideas in a hat followed by paintballing, bowling, indoor skiing ect we randomly selected to go to bubble football as no one in the team had done it before.Bubble-Football-Amsterdam

After coming up with a date we went to book bubble football which was very easy and the staf at Zorbing Hire werevery informative. They said we wouldn’t be able to get all 30 people on one pitch so we book 2 with reasonable prices. On the day of the event we were organised and we got to the location on time and we have nothing less to say than it was excellent. As soon as the inflatables where going on we knew we was in for a good time. Everyone was laughing at each other and we decided to make 4 teams of 7 as some people dropped out but it made it easier to count for and round up the teams. We decided to try to play with each team at least once and play around 20 minutes with each other.

Overall, we would say that next time we would like to get an extra hour so we have more time as some of our more competitive colleagues wanted to settle the score but I suppose time flies when you’re having fun.