Advantages of Leaflet Advertising for Businesses

letterbox2Various modern marketing techniques can deliver large returns on investment, but often cost large amounts to start, making leafleting ideal for new businesses. There are even businesses who will print and distribute the leaflets for you, such as this business providing leaflet distribution in Kent! This article will highlight the advantages of leafleting:


  • Leafleting acquires new customers. By simply distributing leaflets in a selected area, potential customers are being reached. Businesses also know that their target market have seen their message. If 20,000 leaflets have been distributed, it is guaranteed that 20,000 households have seen your message. In comparison, other more expensive methods, such as newspaper ads, cannot guarantee a number of potential customers who have seen your advert.
  • Leaflet distribution is highly cost effective. The only resources that need to be paid for are the printing of the leaflets, and paying for distribution staff. As a business owner you can distribute the leaflets yourself, for an even lower cost.
  • Leafleting promotes your business locally, simply spreading the word about it amongst local individuals. Adverts on radio or in newspapers will only reach a small amount of people local to your business, but with leaflet distribution you can guarantee that people in your local area hear about your business.
  • Full control is given to businesses over who is targeted with leaflet distribution. A selected delivery area can be chosen containing target audience members for example those of a certain household income.