Eco Friendly Is The New Office Trend

eco-friendly-desk-horizGlobal warming, pollution and climate change have been the hottest environmental topics nowadays. With many environmental campaigns around the world, millions of people now have an awareness with the current condition of the environment. And many people are now making a conscious effort to help protect Mother Nature. It is not only noticeable among houses and the neighborhood but being eco-friendly has now spread across work offices around the world. And here are some tips on how to have an eco-friendly office.

  1. Minimize energy consumption – Most of the energy used comes from power plants which already consume fuel to generate energy. By lowering energy consumption, power companies are not forced to increase energy output thus lowering the release of carbon in the process. Investing in a current transformer and turning off unused equipment or appliances is a great way to conserve energy. Energy saving gadgets such as kwh metres can help conserve energy consumption. You can monitor your energy consumption with a dc current measurement from Powertek.
  2. Reduce, reuse & recycle – Minimizing the use of office products can help the environment. A great example is reducing printing as much as possible which will save printing paper thus saving a lot of trees from being cut down. Reusing paper and other office supplies will also help a lot. And if it is possible to recycle some office supplies, then you can minimize the consumption in the market.
  3. Eco-friendly office products – Eco-friendly office products such as recycled paper can greatly reduce the trees cut down in order to make paper. If all offices will can use eco-friendly products, it could greatly help the environment.
  4. Natural lighting – By using the light provided by the sun, it can minimize the use of energy as well as the carbon released from the lighting system. By pulling up the blinds during daytime can provide the same lighting without using any energy.
  5. Reduce carbon emission – Most office employees use their own cars to go to work. By walking or riding bicycle if the distance from work is near  you can greatly reduce carbon emissions. Riding along with co-workers or using public transportation is also a great way to minimize carbon emissions.
  6. Indoor plants – Plants utilize carbon for photosynthesis. Placing indoor plants can minimize the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere while also increasing oxygen within the office.
  7. Alternative insulation & ventilation – By utilising the temperature outside the office to provide ventilation in the building instead of running an artificial ventilation system all the time will be great for the environment. If the outside temperature is not desirable, a proper insulation system in the office can greatly reduce the energy used to keep the room at ideal temperature.
  8. Eco-friendly lifestyle – Employees can also adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle to help the environment. Allowing the employees to wear casual clothes will also lower the energy consumption of an air conditioning system.

Now you know how to start making your office eco-friendly go ahead and try it!