Bad Office Cleaning Practices You Need To Avoid

officecleanersingaporeAn office cleaning business is just like any other business. There are those who will take advantage of the opportunity to gain quick profit without delivering quality office cleaning services. If you are wondering whether your office cleaning agency is providing quality services which are up to the industry standard like ICS online, you can simply look at the satisfaction of the employees using the office. However, if you want to know if the office cleaning agency is demonstrating cleaning malpractices, here are the bad office cleaning practices you need to avoid.

  1. Cleaning visible areas only – There are some cleaners who will only sweep and clean visible areas. After the office cleaner performs their daily cleaning routine, check the hard to reach areas like under the cabinet or at the back of the furniture to see if the cleaner is including those areas or ignoring them.
  2. Wrong cleaning detergent – There are some materials which are delicate and can easily be damaged by some cleaning detergents. If you find a carpet or an area with a stain or damaged, it could be due to the wrong cleaning detergent used by the office cleaning company.
  3. Wrong cleaning technique – Cleaners are trained to clean different areas and materials. They have a knowledge of different cleaning technique for specific surfaces. Using the wrong cleaning technique can damage the surface or keep it from being totally cleaned.
  4. Selective cleaning – There are areas which are easy to clean while others which require extra care and attention when cleaning. Check if the cleaner cleans every area or if the cleaner is simply choosing the areas which are easy to clean. Some would only clean public areas such as the hallway or the floor then ignore areas which are designated for specific employees passing the cleaning responsibility to the employees.
  5. Rushed cleaning – Some office cleaning agencies would book their cleaners to multiple clients on the same day. Cleaners will often rush the task in order to cover all the clients disregarding the quality of their cleaning service.
  6. Extra charge – Some office cleaning companies would charge extra on hard to clean surfaces even though it is not specified in the contract. They would find ways to increase the bill of their client just to make easy money.
  7. Stealing – Some cleaners may even resort to stealing stuff left in the office such as mobile phones and office equipment due to the low wage they are receiving.

If you are planning to give access to a cleaning company in your office, it is better to setup a security camera to monitor the actions of the cleaners and avoid any incidents in the future.