Why You Should Sell Acrylic Instead of Glass Products In Your Business

Laser cut 20mm clear acrylic

If you are a company producing products using glass, you should consider making the change of material from glass to clear perspex online from SimplyPlastics.com. If you do not wish to change all of your products to being acrylic-based, you could offer acrylic based products as an alternative to your regular glass products. There is a range of benefits that this will have, for both you and your customers.


Firstly, it is cheaper to produce acrylic than it is to produce glass. This will mean that you can charge less for your products, which will peak the interest of many customers. Customers are always seeking the cheapest possible product on the market, and offering acrylic will provide this.


Acrylic plastic substitutes are easier to mould into different shapes than glass is. This means that you can offer products in a range of different shapes and sizes, without difficulty in the production phase. Therefore, you can offer new products in different shapes.


With acrylic being more durable and less prone to breaking than glass materials, accidents in the handling of products are less likely to cause expensive losses. You can also use this as a selling point of acrylic products, to gain more custom.

Add-on sales

The use of acrylic materials gives you the opportunity to offer additional products for the maintenance of acrylic products. As acrylic is prone to scratching and scuffing, you could offer polishing products to remove these marks, earning you more profit.