4 Businesses That Can Benefit From Aerial Videography

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 16.28.10In present era, businesses are always on hunt of finding new means to get benefit from them. The technological advancement has improved the way people do business in current era. For instance, businesses require clerks to write handwritten reports, manage stock and various other functions but now all these activities have been shifted on computer systems.
IT has reduced the duties of workers and fast paced the speed of such activities that were slow due to human’s normal speed of work. Aerial videography is a somewhat new technology that is becoming popular gradually. It has eliminated to cost and number of staff required for filming from the sky. Below are few businesses that can utilize this new kind of technology and get benefit from its numerous features.


When it comes to agriculture, we think of country people working in farms spread all over the place. As these farms are widespread, sometimes it appears difficult or expensive for running surveys to see what part of crops is affected or needs more attention. To perform this function, farmer or group of farmers need to travel around the farm to check and see if everything is in order and this activity takes too much time.

So to eliminate this travelling phase that consumes too much time, farmers and agriculture businesses can make use of aerial videography to evaluate any number of crops without surveying them in person. If you’re thinking about it visit http://skyflyvideo.co.uk/.


In construction business, engineers and subordinates have to prepare different reports day in and day out to tell their superiors how much work is done and how far they’ve achieved the goals. And in doing so, they have to visit site themselves even if some part of the building or construction site is not safe to be visited. But to perform their duties, they have to take some risk to keep their bosses up to date about the work progress. Construction companies can also make best use of aerial videography as drones or UAVs can easily sneak in and out of fragile places or where humans don’t have access.


When the vacation seasons sets in, many people turn to resorts for taking a break from work and routine life. To attract visitors in huge amount, resort owners try their best to market their facility to gain maximum exposure. They hire professional photographers to take their resort’s photos in beautiful angles, use billboards and run ads on TV. All these efforts are to attract people towards them and earn money in peak months. Aerial videography can add a new flare in your advertising and marketing strategies. You can show the place with different and more engaging angle by utilizing aerial videography and putting the well edited clip on your website or so.

Real Estates:

The main objective of real estate business is to sell the property in highest price. To achieve this objective, they spend too much money on keeping the property in best shape round the year. Well aerial videography can help them to present the properties in best possible way by showing videos to potential clients with detail

Why You Should Consider Slide Gate For Driveway Entrance

Bassingbourne Cantilever L (1 of 1)Installing an electric gate at the main entrance ensures the security and safety from unwanted or disturbing elements at the workplace. But choosing the right type of electric gate appears to be a cumbersome task because of different types of electric gates available in market. The basic rule of selecting and installing an electric gate for your safety is to choose the simple one with less complications. For that matter, you can simply choose slide gate that comes with many benefits to serve the purpose in best way.

Covers Complete Entrance Area:

When we visit the market or ask any manufacturer, we get plenty of options to select from different types of electric gates. But slide gates are recommended to be installed due to many benefits they offer. In contrast to barrier arm gates, they cover full entrance area preventing not only vehicles but also pedestrians to enter the property without prior permission. This is the first reason to go with slide gates because they give you full control over your property by blocking the way of unwanted people until you allow them to enter your office after proper verification.

Easy Functionality:

Another reason to go with slide gates is because they are less risky as compared to vertical lift gates that have the element of falling out all the way down on people crossing the entrance. Basically, vertical lift gates are supported by two polls installed on each side and work on vertical bases by moving up and downward.

As the polls may develop rust with continuous friction, so there’s always a risk of vertical gates to fall down if not taken care of properly. But as far as it is concerned with slide gates, they don’t need side polls because they move on small wheels underneath them by moving horizontally. So you can install them and stop worrying about any possible accident as you may encounter if using vertical lift gate at the entrance. Therefore maintenance is minimal and any other parts can be purchased from The Electric Gate Store.

Less Occupied Space:

Thirdly, slide gates open by sliding through the fence or wall horizontally so they require less space for opening or closing. Slide gates are ideal for those businesses that have less space at the entrance and can’t afford to occupy much space for swinging gates to open the door when anybody enters the premises. With this feature of sliding through the wall, slide gates give you much space to utilize for other purposes to make best use of your workplace. And as they slide through the wall, there are less chances for anybody of getting hit by a gate partly opened.

Professional Look And Feel:

Slide gates come in all shapes and sizes to best serve your purpose. A good manufacturer will inspect the site and craft a nice slide gate by keeping the exterior design and space available at the entrance area. This would add more value to your property and give the customers and even employees a professional look as compared to cantilever gates that do slide through the fence but usually are large in size.

Why You Should Include A Photobooth In Your Next Business Event

c700x420People Will Keep Talking About The Event

When it comes to business events, people are focused about the agenda of the event while it’s all happening. But often, when it’s over people stop talking about it too because, well the event is over. But if people found something during the event that they enjoyed, they won’t be able to help but remember how much fun they had. The word fun and business are rarely blurted out together, so when there is talk about your event people won’t be able to help but be curious. That’s one great way of promoting your business.

It’s A Conversation Starter

Guests attending a business event are often not acquainted with each other. By including an activity that they will surely enjoy, it’ll be a nice way for them to start talking to each other and your business will surely come up in conversation. This way they get to build rapport which is always good for business.

Great For Any Age Group

It’s hard to come up with an ice breaker activity that will suit every age group. But a photobooth from a local provider, e.g. OMG Photo Booths Cambridgeshire is something that anyone can really enjoy even if you have associates attending who are in their early 20’s, middle aged people, and even those who are already in their older years.

Gives Life To The Event

Admit it, business affairs tend to be a little dull most of the time. But if you hire a photobooth for your next one you can be sure that it will be anything but boring. When you have a chance to take a break from all the corporate talks and play guest can play with props while making quirky faces inside the booth, you gain more energy to be engaged in the event. You also bring creative and fresh ideas as well because activities act as a stimulant.

Cool Ways To Decorate Your Office

interior-decorating-office-2Unless you work outside in the open or at random places, it does not matter who you are, what you do or which country you are in one- day reality will hit you hard. You spend more of your life in your office than at that home you pay so handsomely for. It is life after all. Seeing as your office is a home away from your actual house, it is time you make it feel that way. Many business people do not know how to do this. However, there are simple ways to make your office space look better and feel more accommodating.

  1. Save on space

The fact is even a big space that has everything placed anywhere can look crowded. Crowded places, believe it or not, create more stress for you than areas that are less crowded. Invest in desks to put things in or shelves that are laid out one on top of each other. This helps you keep everything in a neat way and gives you more storage space for then items you have in your office. Not only does finding the right way to store items neatly create more space around the office, it also improves on your office’s first impression seeing as your office says a lot about you and the business you run.

  1. Go dark wood

There is something about dark furniture made of wood that speaks sophistication, it is one element of organising and decorating that just never goes wrong. Do not go all dark though you still need things around your office that shed alight brightness. Basic dark furniture will give your office the English Vintage feel. A touch of arched windows in white will be a great addition to the dark furniture.

  1. Invest in plants

Yes, really, plants. Plants do a great job of giving life to your office. Deedman plants go great with almost any furniture and require little maintenance. When positioned in the right place, plants will help your office give the impression that you care and that you are able to bring life into your client’s life. Ensure that you keep your plant at strategic points where they can receive some sunshine and plenty of light. Do not forget to water them regularly because no one really wants to walk into your office and find a dying plant, unless you want to scare customers.

  1. Mirrors and frames

Empty walls are boring walls. Give people a reason to look around your office. Business people have many certificates and achievements to hang on the wall so do not feel shy about hanging yours or those of your employees. In fact hang some inspiring messages if you do not have any certificates. Mirrors are great too. People always love to look at themselves so they can correct their make up or smile because they look great. Just do not let your walls be empty.


If you are considering upgrading the size of your office, have a search through Serviced offices Liverpool Street to find the perfect office for you and your employees.


Business Review: A Wrapsody in Paper

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.36.22There can be few things more thrilling than the anticipation of opening a beautifully wrapped gift. Unfortunately, as those of us born without the ability to find the end of the tape can testify, a badly wrapped gift is equally disappointing. So if like me you struggle to gift wrap that awkwardly shaped object or if you just want to add a touch of style, panache and artistry to your gifts, the luxury gift wrapping company Wrapsody is well worth a visit.

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

You can find a London based company that offers a bespoke luxury gift wrapping service. The good news for those of us who may live some distance from their studio, is that they have a fabulous websites.

Visiting the website is a bit like opening an exciting gift itself, it’s filled with so many inspiring ideas. Bright, colourful and extremely tempting, it’s one of those sites where you can easily pass an hour or so browsing the blog, flicking through lookbooks or watching the instructional videos.

How does it work?

These companies promise to give your gifts the perfect look to match any person, event or budget. They will wrap anything from a single gift to 100 gifts and something as small as an engagement ring to something as large as a mountain bike. They will also tailor the gift wrap to the personality of the recipient, making their gift unique to them. Prices are based on how long it will take our wrapologists to work their magic’. If you can’t visit their Hampstead studio, they can even visit you at home. You can also have your online shopping delivered from Amazon, John Lewis, Selfridges and Hamleys, wrapped and then forwarded to your chosen destination.


Their beautiful themed lookbooks offer you a source of inspiration. Browsing through them, you can really let your imagination run wild when creating your own unique luxury gift wrapping.

Bespoke: The Bespoke lookbook gives you some lovely ideas to get you started. Unconventional materials make your gift stand out; silk scarves, sheet music, vintage brooches, herbs, confetti and much more to inspire you.

Children: It would be hard to imagine a child that wouldn’t be excited to receive a Wrapsody gift wrapped present. Fun and unique, the wrapping is an experience in itself embellished with small toys, eye-catching paper and fairy dust.

Christmas: Why not have you’re gifts wrapped to match the colour theme of your tree or Christmas party? Add some evergreens, jingle bells and sumptuous silk ribbon to make them extra special.

Classic: Step back in time and give your gifts the stylish look of yesteryear. The classic lookbook uses paper and ribbon to create a crisp, stylish finish’.

Furoshiki : The hottest trend in wrapping at the moment found at Etsy, They will use fabric to wrap your gift and to give it a trendy Japanese vibe with a twist.

Special Occasions: The special occasion lookbook demonstrates how a beautifully wrapped gift can add impact to any occasion and make anybody feel really valued.

Make Someone Feel Special

This luxury gift wrapping service is guaranteed to make any gift look extra special. If you really want to show someone how much you think of them consider a trip to their  studio or treat yourself to some time on the website. But remember, if you do treat that lucky someone to a gift wrapped take a photo before it’s opened, this luxurious gift wrapping is a gift in itself.

Why You Should Leave Your Car Behind When Travelling On Business

business tripWhen you are traveling on a business trip, the last thing you should worry about is taking care of your car. All of your energy and focus should be directed to the task at hand which means that leaving your card behind can provide you with peace of mind as you will not have to worry about things like gas, parking, learning about the rules and regulations of the region you are travelling to, and more.

In such occasions, one of the best solutions is to employ car storage services, a type of business which has become quite popular in recent times. Car storage services from Autovault offer a variety of options ranging from a single week to an entire season or more, depending on your needs. Leaving your car at the hands of a professional service guarantees that your vehicle will be taken care of and nothing will happen to it, therefore your fresh alloy wheel repair by Whoops Wheel Fix It will remain unscratched. You are instantly protected by potential thieves and accidents that may occur while your car is parked outside, extreme weather conditions that can damage the exterior of your vehicle, and any fines that you might incur by parking in restricted areas.

Additionally, car storage businesses offer a lot of extra services that you can take advantage of. For instance, they can pick up your car from the airport so that you do not have to pay for a taxi while still ensuring that your car will be properly secured. In case you are planning on going away for a considerable length of time, you can also allow them to drive your car around as leaving it off and unattended for extended periods of time can cause additional problems. Finally, car storage experts can check your car and its tyres for signs of wear and even get your car through full maintenance checks and deal with them accordingly. Even better, offering a premium fee may include additional services such as the cleaning of the car or driving it to a certified mechanic in order to fix potential issues.

When you are on business, there a number of different travel options you should consider instead of taking a car with you. Depending on the city you are staying in, even public transportation may prove to be a viable option if the infrastructure is good enough. Alternatively, you can hire the services of a professional driver or a professional driving service which will also provide the car for you. The cost is heavily dependent on the service as well as the region you are staying in as major cities tend to feature more expensive prices for this kind of thing.

Overall, I believe that will see an increasing number of business officials leaving their cars behind as travelling for work is more common than ever. Car storage services are incredible solutions in these occasions as they can ensure the safety of your car in the most convenient ways possible while they can also be less expensive than traditional parking spaces, in some cases. With the multitude of options for inner city travel that exist nowadays, your trip will be far more enjoyable by forgetting about your vehicle entirely.