Why You Should Consider Slide Gate For Driveway Entrance

Bassingbourne Cantilever L (1 of 1)Installing an electric gate at the main entrance ensures the security and safety from unwanted or disturbing elements at the workplace. But choosing the right type of electric gate appears to be a cumbersome task because of different types of electric gates available in market. The basic rule of selecting and installing an electric gate for your safety is to choose the simple one with less complications. For that matter, you can simply choose slide gate that comes with many benefits to serve the purpose in best way.

Covers Complete Entrance Area:

When we visit the market or ask any manufacturer, we get plenty of options to select from different types of electric gates. But slide gates are recommended to be installed due to many benefits they offer. In contrast to barrier arm gates, they cover full entrance area preventing not only vehicles but also pedestrians to enter the property without prior permission. This is the first reason to go with slide gates because they give you full control over your property by blocking the way of unwanted people until you allow them to enter your office after proper verification.

Easy Functionality:

Another reason to go with slide gates is because they are less risky as compared to vertical lift gates that have the element of falling out all the way down on people crossing the entrance. Basically, vertical lift gates are supported by two polls installed on each side and work on vertical bases by moving up and downward.

As the polls may develop rust with continuous friction, so there’s always a risk of vertical gates to fall down if not taken care of properly. But as far as it is concerned with slide gates, they don’t need side polls because they move on small wheels underneath them by moving horizontally. So you can install them and stop worrying about any possible accident as you may encounter if using vertical lift gate at the entrance. Therefore maintenance is minimal and any other parts can be purchased from The Electric Gate Store.

Less Occupied Space:

Thirdly, slide gates open by sliding through the fence or wall horizontally so they require less space for opening or closing. Slide gates are ideal for those businesses that have less space at the entrance and can’t afford to occupy much space for swinging gates to open the door when anybody enters the premises. With this feature of sliding through the wall, slide gates give you much space to utilize for other purposes to make best use of your workplace. And as they slide through the wall, there are less chances for anybody of getting hit by a gate partly opened.

Professional Look And Feel:

Slide gates come in all shapes and sizes to best serve your purpose. A good manufacturer will inspect the site and craft a nice slide gate by keeping the exterior design and space available at the entrance area. This would add more value to your property and give the customers and even employees a professional look as compared to cantilever gates that do slide through the fence but usually are large in size.