What are the Basic FAQs about Getting the Best Marquee?

If you want to make your big event a massive success, then you have to pick the best marquee to complement your event needs. This article brings you the most frequently asked questions of people to guide you in the process of hiring a marquee service. If you are interested, then you need to keep on reading.

Here are the few FAQs which really matter in the process of choosing the best one for you.

  • Does the size of the marquee matter?

Definitely. It is the rule of the thumb to know the number of guests attending the event and decide how big the marquee is. Although you already have chosen a certain marquee based on the design and its physical features, then you might end up ruining the whole event. What if that wonderful and fitting marquee with beautiful interior does not have the total seating capacity of your guests that you need? On the other hand, there is no point to get a big marquee if the venue and guests are too small in number. Now, what should you consider in picking the size? Of course, you need to remember that the chairs and tables should have enough space. Plus, there are other extras you might want to add like food and service area, sound system and dance floors. Size really do matters.

  • Would I go to traditional or modern?

The design of your marquee should be based in your own preference. It is up to you if you will choose a contemporary design or a more traditional ones. Now, if you want to have an idea what a modern ones look like, go for frame marquees. This type of tents are rectangular in shape and they do not consist any inner poles. It could stand free without the need for ropes as a tool to support the structure. Instead, they have an aluminum skeleton around their perimeters. Modern marquees is suitable for small spaces and as extension buildings says Cap Marquees. The good thing about it also is that, it could stand to any surfaces like sand, concrete etc. Compared to the traditional, it could withstand snow loads and high wind speeds. For the traditional marquees, they have inner poles and curve tops which make them very attractive and elegant. The benefit of these poles is, you can design and decorate them further to add better visual impact for the venue.

  • What decors should I use to make the marquees look fab?

As it has been mentioned, marquees could be decorated to add a greater impact visually. Now, if your goal is to impress the guests, then definitely you have to pull out all the creative ideas to make it look fabulous in the inside. One great option that you gave to consider is to use linings. Linings could be printed with flowers butterflies, shapes or anything which matches your event’s theme. To complement the look, it is possible for you to include swags in a color that you have chosen.

  • What are the things to consider in hiring a marquee company?

You need someone to provide you with your needs according to your specifications. Quick things you have to check out is the size, location, shape, windows and door feature, ancillary, internal finishes, heating and lighting.