About Us

Who we are is naturally a thing that raises the curiosity levels. For now, we have decided to open up only partially. We are a team of people with fire in the belly to provide hard news. Naturally, rounded journalists do have an important role to play. But their details are for now closed in the fist.It will be opened at an opportune time.

The team is guided by the active participation of a finance professional, who is a qualified cost accountant, and offers his services as Director (Finance) in a software company. He is a young entrepreneur whose thirst for excellence can never be quenched. A start-up Ad company took birth and is shaping up into full-fledged powerhouse sooner than later. The brain behind it is a young journalist-turned entrepreneur who entrenched himself in a niche area of Ad world and is counting on its scalability.

The web portal that is just now warming its feathers will have to become a must-see by all those within and outside the ambit of businesses done and participated actively or passively.

With the support of the numerous visitors and trustworthy business heads, a weekly business magazine focused on businesses of all natures will be produced from this business house.

This is not another search engine optimizer nor is it a directory provider. They are all there on the web. Proper key words would lead any visitor to those locations in the cloud. So what is the specialty of this site?

Hard news is the foundation for the site. Business news and events are either listed or find a nominal mention in all the leading business dailies and regular newspapers. But how much of content related to the happenings find space in these columns or slots? Minimal, if not dismal.

This site provides the coverage all that is due to the companies, cater to the needs of readers, especially those involved or into in one business or the other. What’s more, you can do your businesses here. This eventually will become the one-stop shop for all such activity. The timeline depends on the support from the esteemed visitor and sponsors.

You can freely express all your views with regard to policy initiatives, developments in the numerous businesses and make use of this platform to highlight your thoughts on relevant and related issues. The comment box is your space.